Goodbye to tensioned wires? Shimano have launched an electronic gear shifting system called DEORE XT Di2 M8050 

Take a good look while these components are shiny and clean… because they won’t stay that way. They’re designed for serious cross-country mountain biking.

Shimano Deore XT Di2 M8050 brings electric mountain biking gears to the masses, or at least the keen amateurs with a decent sum to invest in a new bike or groupset. The new XT Di2 M8050 builds on the smooth-shifting capabilities of Shimano’s top of the range XTR Di2 gears. Not only are gear changes lightning quick, even when the trail heads uphill, but the computercontrolled system automatically adjusts the front derailleur and chain line for friction-free travel. And in a further development, XT Di2 has been Bluetooth enabled, which means riders can both monitor battery and gear information on compatible bike computers, and customise their shifting options in the workshop or on a ride, via a smartphone app. The Firebolt shifters allow single-click and multi-shift gear changes.

The system can also be configured so riders can use just one shifter to take care of front and rear gear changes. Just programme the gear ratio at which you want the Di2 to shift up or down from the big ring.

The batteries take about 90 minutes to charge and are good for hundreds of kilometres of heavy usage between recharges, and all the electrics are sealed from water, mud and dirt.

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