New training shoe from The North Face Mountain Athletics range 

These are without a doubt one of the most comfortable pair of trainers I have ever tried. I am accustomed to a more structured shoe, so at first I was rather hesitant about trusting my feet what looked like a rather thin sole. However I need not have worried. Although the shoe is flexible, the heal is extremely rigid with great bounce, giving fantastic support. Comfort is also provided by the cushioning around the ankle. The flexibility was also great for running over uneven ground and I would recommend it as a good approach shoe for climbing or scrambling.

There is also plenty of space for toe movement as the shoe ties up tightly around the arch section and is looser around the front of the foot allowing the toes to splay out as they would in a trail shoe.

These shoes are well suited to shorter training sessions; however I would probably stick to a more supportive shoe for longer more demanding workouts.

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