So often a proper running bra can give you a workout just trying to get it on.

Bra reviewOver-the-head designs are great; they certainly hold everything in place with little-to-no chaffing, but they are not easy to get on and off (especially off, when you’ve got sweaty skin to contend with too). So we were delighted when Runderwear expanded its range to include this hybrid over-head/back-fastening bra.

It’s still a pretty no-fuss option, but the added design elements are great. The wide straps sit flat to your skin without digging in, and are very easy to adjust, so you have that option of getting the exact right fit; they’re also really soft – you don’t notice them at all once on.

It’s also one of the few sports bras that go down to an A cup – no, they don’t say that on the website, but our tester is a 32A and found the B-cup a good fit. The only downside we can really find is that it is padded with removable pads. Yes, this does give flexibility to not use them, but it also means, if you do use them, they come out in the wash or, at the very least, fold themselves up inside the cup, so unless you do away with them you will have a bit of fiddling to get them in the right place again after each wash.

Overall though, possibly the best bra we’ve tested this year.

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