Sick of your specs slipping off and steaming up as you run? Chris Haslam tries out the latest designs that promise form, function and fashion.

Like so many busy people, first thing in the morning is the only time I get to run regularly, but as a glasses wearer, I’ve never managed to find a good-looking pair of specs that will stay on my face when I start to sweat. So, in a bid to make my morning run routine as effortless as possible I contacted the two largest sport eyewear brands – Nike and Oakley – and asked them to recommend their finest running frames that will remain secure and look stylish.

Oakley Cloverleaf, £115 (not including lenses), – available through David Cullow Opticians

Running GlassesOakley are the reigning champs of activity specs, but the ‘sporty’ branding has always put me off. Not so with Cloverleaf, which, thanks to its matte black design looks at home alongside my everyday specs.

They’re made from a feather weight plastic that’s 25 per cent lighter than acetate, they have a vice-like grip and they bridge section comes with four customizable inserts to help you find the perfect fit for your nose. As a result, they simply would not fall off my face, even during a sweaty sprint session.

But while the fit is exceptional there was no way to prevent the lenses from steaming up, rendering me totally blind. This is a curse of the short-sighted sportsperson, but I don’t think the thicker frames help here.

Nike 7078, £112.95,

Running GlassesDespite being told I looked like both a Scandinavian architect and a lab technician, I have become quietly addicted to the Nike. The nylon frame actually makes the Oakley feel bulky – trust me, they’re not – and while the barely-there feel takes getting used to the rubber finish sticks to my head like glue.

Out in the wild, despite feeling a little more self-conscious than usual, the Nike performed brilliantly, by which I mean I barely knew they were there and rarely did I need to push them back into place. I’m not a huge fan of the half-frame look, but it, combined with the holes in the arms, meant they steamed up less, and cleared far quicker which is a godsend.


If you’re sick of fiddling with contact lenses and sweaty glasses both pairs tested will be a revelation, offering a fit I did not think possible with a pair of non-sporty looking specs, and while I regularly wear the Oakley when not exercising, for pure comfort and overall running performance the Nike can’t be beaten.