• Sort saddle sores

    Sort saddle sores

    9th October 2015

    Pain in private places is rarely discussed, but trying to ignore saddle sores can have serious consequences. Symptoms of saddle soreness range from bruises to blisters to boils, and all demand treatment. They’re caused through skin abrasions and irritation to skin follicles, and exacerbated by the hot, sweaty conditions…

  • Gregory launch new Trail Running collection

    Gregory launch new Trail Running collection

    30th September 2015

    Gregory have released their new ‘Trail Running’ collection for Autumn Winter 2015 The mini collection features the men’s Tempo, available in 3 sizes and 2 colour ways, and the women’s Pace, also in 3 different sizes and 2 colours.  …

  • Stanforth Bikes launches new all-terrain expedition bike

    Stanforth Bikes launches new all-terrain expedition bike

    18th September 2015

    British bike manufacturer, Stanforth Bikes launches its second model, the Kibo+, after the success of the Kibo launched last summer. The Kibo+ is an all-terrain touring bike specifically designed for go-anywhere long distance cycling. The frame and forks are hand…

  • Dickies Medway Safety Hiker

    Dickies Medway Safety Hiker

    18th September 2015

    The Dickies Medway Safety Hiker is Dickies newest release. Thinsulate insulated and water resistant to S3 approved standards, the boots aim to make hiking as pleasurable as possible. The heel is energy absorbing, designed to ease the punishment of busy feet…

  • Bargain road bikes

    Bargain road bikes

    7th September 2015

    Inspired by the Tour de France? A “proper” road bike makes a massive difference to how far you can get, and how much fun you’ll have doing it. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either as our sub £500 quartet proves. To be…

  • Gear review: London to Brighton Trek 2015

    Gear review: London to Brighton Trek 2015

    4th August 2015

    So, you’ve signed up for the epic challenge that is the London to Brighton Trek and now you need to start thinking about kit to train with. Here’s a round up of great products for women (by a woman who’s…

  • On test: running jackets

    On test: running jackets

    22nd July 2015

    Speed through summer with a running jacket that will fend off the wind and keep out the showers… Just as you think you know everything you need to about running jackets, the manufacturers move boundaries. Breathability, wind resistance and waterproofing have been mainstays of the summer market, but…

  • Long term gear tests

    Long term gear tests

    30th June 2015

    Get wet, stay dry, get a grip, protect from the sun…we’ve been asking a lot of our gear in the last couple of months! 1. BUFF TDF Ypres £17 I took some convincing to buy my first BUFF about a decade…

  • Hot in the shops: outdoor gear review

    Hot in the shops: outdoor gear review

    13th May 2015

    Spring sees the new season of outdoor gear collections hit the shops. Here’s a handful of the items that have caught our eye. 1. adidas terrex Boost £120 These new running shoes are a key building block of adidas’s re-launched terrex range of products for off-road…