As part of a test of 6 pairs of running shoes, Paul Larkins tries out the Adidas Asio Boost 2

These shoes are for hardcore runners, those at the sharp end of 10ks or looking at a 2:30 marathon time – the type who would pluck their eyebrows to reduce weight and drag. Even for the faster guys with no injury or biomechanical issues these are not for general training runs, they are racing shoes. For slower runners they could be used for shorter interval sessions as the 9mm heel to toe drop is very workable, but be clear, they are all about speed. If you are looking for good protection for many miles of running, try the protective (but still fairly light) adidas Ultra Boost or adiStar Boost. On race day, the adios Boost 2 are very light, very supple and hug your foot snugly. For such a light shoe the cushioning is good – it is fairly springy, but this is very relative to the weight.




All about speed, one for the very fast runners.