How did New Balance’s option perform when compared to other options on the market?

The New Balance Windcheater is one of those jackets you look forward to wearing. Made from polyester, it’s pleasingly lightweight, breathable and quick-drying (rather than trying harder to keep weather out, which usually means more weight).

It’s not as weather resistant as say the Vizion Lumen, but it is at home wrapped around your waist when unfriendly weather passes on, or even for post-run “carb-loading” at the pub. It looks good, although the design errs slightly towards fashion rather than practicality, with very limited reflectivity.

An “athletic fit”, a reassuring hood (albeit one only temporarily effective in inclement weather) and two zipped pockets also help make this a great value option.


Limited visibility, but a value for money, lightweight and stylish windstopper.

Rating: 8/10