Pro ultramarathon runner Damian Hall has put in the miles in these two items by OMM, here gives us his quick assessment…

OMM Mountain Raid Hood: £150
OMM Mountain Raid 1.6 PA Half bag: £120

Like most mountain marathon and ultra runners, I’m unhealthily obsessed with getting my kit as light as possible (yes, I’ve cut out all the labels). OMM feeds that desire with equipment designed specifically for their popular mountain marathon and news of this new minimalist sleeping system had me cockahoop.

OMM has made an insulation jacket and a short sleeping bag that simply attaches to it. Both are made with PrimaLoft Gold and weigh just 236g together. I’ve enjoyed the jacket all winter, especially the fleece-lined pockets which quickly warm frigid digits.

However, fastpacking on the Ridgeway in early April, the sleeping bag itself wasn’t warm enough for me when sleeping in a van, where I needed a blanket too (though it was as low as 1˚C). The system would be a great asset – and great fun – in summer.