A highly reflective, year round cycling jacket

Price: £119.99

This cycling jacket from Proviz is an updated version of the previous model launched two years ago. It’s designed for maximum reflectivity for cyclists while providing breathability – two features that proved highly useful for me when wearing this jacket cycling around the city.

A high amount of reflectivity is essential for cyclists, particularly when navigating urban roads.  As a result the Proviz jacket is a fantastic supplement to bicycle lights. Light bounces off the grey reflective fabric, illuminating the cyclist extremely well.

The design also makes the Reflect360+ a good all year outer layer. For winter the thick material helps to retain warmth warmth while giving good protection from the wind. Meanwhile during the summer air vents on the shoulder enhance breathability while continuing to keep precipitation out.

The cut of the jacket means it fits snugly without restricting movement.

Overall this is a fantastic jacket for city cycling, particularly in the winter. While it is suitable for the summer months, a lighter jacket may be a better option.

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