Damian Hall gives Salomon’s S-Lab trail shoes the long-term test treatment

I have to confess to a soft spot for Salomon running clobber, it is after all what mountain god Kilian Jornet wears and these are his favoured daps (he may have a different word for them). So I imaged they would make me rocket up mountains like the Catalan superman himself. The first thing I liked was how incredibly light (220g) they are. They don’t feel flimsy either, but surprisingly tough. They’re a narrow fit, but in them I feel light and ready to run fast. I enjoy technical terrain more, because I feel dextrous and responsive. However, after several 13-mile round-trip run commutes – through fields, on Tarmac and canal path – I felt more tired than usual. These shoes are, in fact, too lightweight for me, the 4mm drop, from heel-to-toe, too low – for now anyway. They’re a specialist shoe, designed for specific (i.e. mountain) terrain, rather than canal paths. I’m still transitioning, really, from big-heeled road shoes and it’ll take more time, and more bridging shoes (Salomon’s 9mmdrop S-LAB Wings are a great compromise), before I can run long distances comfortably in these – booo! – though I look forward to that day.

Price: £145