As part of a test of 6 pairs of running shoes, Paul Larkins tests out the Saucony Kinvara 7

For runners wavering between a lightweight racing shoe and something a little heavier with a touch more cushioning, the Kinvara is perfect. It’s a wolf in terms of the speed, lightness and the general up-on-your-toes encouragement it provides, but it’s a sheep when it comes to cushioning and stability. The foam underneath feels super soft, but working off a lower profile of just 4mm, you’ll really be encouraged to get up on your toes and move along at pace. Shoes like this tend not to enjoy everyday, bog standard training but the fit, flexibility and more importantly improved stability (in particular under the heel) means you could get some good work done in these. This shoe is a marked improvement on an already good model – more prepared for normal, everyday runners, rather than just light on their feet racing machines.




A perfect introduction to the fast world of lightweight shoes