Saucony’s running jacket is put to the test by Damian Hall

Saucony says its Sonic Reflex Jacket offers 360˚ reflectivity in headlights, “but looks completely stealth [sic] in daylight”. In reality though, it looks like something that, even at the height of their 1980s chemically induced flamboyance, Spandau Ballet would have rejected for being just a bit too spangly.

It’s also a somewhat boxy design. In the jacket’s defence, it is long enough to cover your backside – something no other jacket here bar the Compressport caters for – has three zipped pockets, and effective, breathable underarm panels.

It’s also DWR-coated for water resistance. It’s a perfectly decent jacket offering an alternative to the hi-viz options, and targeted squarely at road runners who pound busy streets at night.

Rating: 7/10