Damian Hall gives his long term assessment of The North Face Flight Series jacket

I used to think wind-proof jackets were the biggest gimmicks around – why not just wear a waterproof? But there have been numerous occasions over the last couple of years in mountain runs and races where I’ve been very grateful of them.

They’re generally lighter and much more breathable than a waterproof and it’s amazing the difference that just blocking out the wind can make to overall temperature and comfort. This 142g option from The North Face is more stylish – and more expensive – than some options, and I’m really enjoying it.

It’s very breathable and keeps weather out well. Plus it’s trendy enough to stick in a pack or pocket to help make myself look half respectable for some post-run hydration in a public house. The reflective stripe down the back is peeling off, but that’s perhaps due to me mistakenly washing the jacket at higher temperatures than suggested.