Our testers assess this women’s option from The North Face


Weight: 130g

Sizes: XS-L

This T-Shirt is part of The North Face’s range designed for training. Having tested a few pieces from this collection the feature that stands out most is the comfort provided by each product.

The Dynamix T-shirt certainly lives up to its claim to abrasion resistance. The flat seams along the arm and neck lines means it sits well and provides freedom for movement. This came in useful when running in the rain (a common occurrence during the Great British summer). Unlike many running tops, the Dynamix did not irritate my skin as the rain drenched me; particularly under the arm where I have found T-shirts often cause chaffing. The T-shirt also dried fantastically quickly.

My favourite quality is its light weight. At 130g I have held feathers heavier than this t! As a result it is a great choice for activities during the summer.

However my one complaint is the fit. As quite a small woman the T-shirt bulged slightly at the back of the neck. Nevertheless this did not cause any discomfort.

Comes in grey and pink