Find out how the TomTom’s wearable GPS performed when it was put through its paces by OutdoorsRadar 

The TomTom Adventurer is like the TomTom Spark 3, only with more outdoor features, such as modes for trail running, hiking and skiing. Initially it feels cheap. It’s plasticy, light and coloured in a way that makes you think twice about wearing it to work (though an all-black version is also available). But it does the basics well enough. Worthwhile features include a built-in heart rate monitor (that’ll work with a chest strap, too, for greater accuracy), audio performance feedback, heart rate training zones, Bluetooth syncing, in-watch customisation, and you can load trails for breadcrumbing (retracing your steps if you get lost). Its single, four-way button is more user-friendly than the other options in this test.

Race mode is excellent, giving updates of previous efforts on a given route so you can compare your current fitness. Two more impressive features are a music player that can store over 500 songs (3GB memory), which means you can leave your smartphone or MP3 player at home and listen to Roxette’s greatest hits via wireless earphones. And ski lift detection, where the watch senses you’re on a lift and starts feeding you stats from your recent downhill. But both of these are likely to be peripheral to most users.

With regular use, the battery lasts four to five days, and up to 20 hours in GPS mode, which won’t be enough for many. It doesn’t receive smart notifications and the display is comparatively basic, as is the app and activity tracking.

Verdict: It does the basics well enough, without being spectacular.

Rating: 7/10