Our Review of inov-8’s ROCLITE 275 off-road shoes:

Even though every logical part of my brain was telling me that it wasn’t just the shoes that carried Jasmin Paris to the Spine Race win, there was a little voice that said ‘they might make you a better runner‘ as I set off for a weekend of running in the Coed y Brenin forest.

It’s asking a lot of a pair of shoes, but mindset is everything!

ROCLITE 275I can’t claim that they did make me a better runner, after all, my logical brain was right but they did make me a more comfortable, confident runner as these shoes really are something special. As is standard when running in Wales, I experienced four seasons over the course of the weekend; it was the definition of ‘unpredictable terrain’ and not only did I remain upright but I was able to continue running through areas that previously had involved a tentative fast(ish) walk.

The lightweight nature of the shoe is perfectly combined with strength and durability, making long days in the hills an enjoyable prospect. The flexibility allowed me to run confidently without any fear of the support failing me as the trail surfaces and weather conditions changed.

Being comfortable has to be a priority and these shoes take that to the next level. Regardless of how wet the conditions became, my feet didn’t have a mark on them or a hint of rubbing.

I could not love these shoes more and while they don’t make me a better runner just by putting them on, they have allowed me many more comfortable miles than I would usually have considered. I’m never going to be a threat to the elite field, but these shoes are allowing me to improve and enjoy every second of being out on the trails.


The shoes worn by Jasmin Paris when she made ultrarunning history in January by becoming the first-ever woman to win the 268-mile Spine Race outright.

Lightweight but packed with protection features, the ROCLITE 275 comes with inov-8’s new graphene-grip rubber outsole. Graphene is the planet’s strongest material and brings increased durability to a rubber that is incredibly sticky.

The shoe has an 8mm drop (heel to toe differential), cushioning underfoot while retaining ground feel and, thanks to the 6mm studs, can handle absolutely any terrain thrown in its way. A genuine off-road all-rounder.

RRP:  £130

More info: www.inov-8.com