Designed with our close canine companions in mind, Ruffwear®, has launched a new innovative collection of performance dog gear for Winter 2018 and we have put the Vert Jacket to the test.

RuffwearInspired by the companionship we share with our dogs; the new collection will not only keep our fourlegged friends wrapped up warm, it will also enhance the outdoor adventures and experiences shared together.

Designed to keep your dog warm during work and play, the Vert™ Jacket’s nylon shell fabric will keep them protected from the elements. Windproof, waterproof and breathable, the jacket can be worn over most harnesses and features a polyester fleece lining and leg loops for extra comfort and to keep the jacket firmly in place.

The jacket has been specially designed to keep your dog in sight even in the dark. Featuring unique reflective accents and a light loop for attaching a Ruffwear® Beacon, this jacket is perfect for low-light visibility situations.

Available in two colourways, Blue Atoll or Sockeye Red from

Our review:

RuffwearIt’s getting to ‘that’ time of year when walkies is shrouded in darkness, the rain is falling and recalling your dog away from falling leaves is a daily adventure. They don’t tend to mind the shift in weather conditions and enjoy the fact that they can’t be seen while racing around the local park.

For those of us who love these autumn walks and are also planning longer expeditions with our canine buddies, we have to think about their comfort and safety as well as our own.

Our canine team member has been testing the Vert Jacket from Ruffwear and he’s impressed! We know this because it hasn’t hampered any of his favourite activities, namely squirrel chasing and checking each and every potential rabbit warren for inhabitants. Throughout his much-needed freedom, the jacket has stayed in position, perfectly. We have tried jackets in the past and they’ve moved around as he’s been running or they have flapped in the wind, which he didn’t like one bit. This jacket has been tested in Storm Callum this morning so we can say with certainty that it is secure.

The jacket is easy to get on and it fits perfectly over a harness. It secures behind the front legs and the elastic loops that fit around the back legs stretch brilliantly to ensure you don’t have to lift your dog’s legs too high. That’s a real bonus for older dogs or dogs with mobility issues.

RuffwearNow, you’ll be able to see from the pictures that our canine reviewer doesn’t really need a jacket for warmth! For all the other dogs on the planet, 95% of whom will have significantly less fluff, this jacket has a gorgeous fleece lining that fits snuggly around the dog and also protects the dog from the clips, which are designed to lie between the waterproof layer and the fleece jacket. While warmth isn’t an issue for this reviewer, the jacket has solved a challenge that we’ve faced for years. In low light, we have tried flashing collars, lights, reflective harnesses and all sorts of magical products to ensure he can be seen. Through no fault of these products, we have found that they tend to get lost in his fur! This jacket is incredible as we trust that it will stay in place and we can see exactly where our dog is. Even with his finest attempts at camoflague, we can find him! The pictures that we attempted on our early morning walk were an orange blur, but you can see that he’s less than camouflage!

Thanks to the aforementioned Storm Callum who arrived in perfect time for our review, we can confirm that the jacket is waterproof. Well, the top our reviewer was dry, the legs and belly had way too much fun in the puddles and were most definitely, not dry. The wind didn’t move the jacket at all and even when one particular squirrel decided to put our reviewer through his paces with some interval training, we could still spot him in the distance!

On behalf of our reviewer and his humans, we highly recommend the Ruffwear collection.