Wave goodbye to noisy flights and take your tunes poolside with Snugs Flight and Snugs Aqua, allowing you the freedom to enjoy your music from takeoff to landing, home and abroad, beachside or even underwater.

What’s so special about Snugs earphones?

Snugs are custom-fit earphones, created by taking a digital scan or physical impression of your ear and then 3D printed to fit you perfectly. This means they stay in, provide outstanding comfort, great noise isolation and fantastic sound quality. Totally unique and specially created for you, Snugs earphones will never fall out, no matter where you are or how active you are.

How do Snugs Flight work?

Snugs Flight have been designed with the frequent flyer in mind. The custom-fit seals off your ear, reducing background noise – essential for a peaceful flight. This allows you to sleep, catch up on work undisturbed, or just listen to your favourite music and switch into holiday mode.

Hate that ear popping sensation on take-off and landing? Snugs Flight minimise this discomfort with special air pressure-balancing filters that support your ears by balancing the differences in pressure levels.

Can you really use Snugs Aqua while you’re swimming?

Yes, you can. Not to mention surfing, canoe-ing or whatever watersport takes your fancy on your break. Snugs Aqua have been specially designed to be fully waterproof. Ultra-hardy and dependable, they fit your ear seamlessly, preventing water from entering your ear allowing you to avoid swimmers and surfers ear. They also float, ensuring you won’t lose them at the bottom of the pool if you happen to mislay them.

Available from Snugs or selected retailers including Selfridges and Richer Sounds

Colours: Available in over 15 colours including metallic black, metallic blue, metallic red, orange, pink, turquoise, clear, clear glitter, blue glitter and white

Price: £199.95 for Snugs Aqua and £399.95 for Snugs Flight