The SPENGLE Carbon mountain biking wheel, with its progressive tri-blade structure, is now available to ship to its first customers.

With pre-orders almost exhausted and global shipping confirmed, it’s been an almost sell-out first run for the SPENGLE team. Strictly limited numbers are still available to order for inclusion in the first production run.

Having previously been on pre-order only, customers will be getting their hands on their brand new wheels within the next few weeks – the first to experience the benefits of the future of mountain bike design and technology.

After vigorous internal and external testing, SPENGLE is so confident of the wheel’s ability to withstand any and all conditions thrown at it that the brand is pleased to offer a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty for any wheels that are damaged during use.

Having quite literally re-invented the wheel, SPENGLE’s new Carbon Monocoque wheel is eye-catching as well as offering increased stability and handling. In addition to these attributes, the fact that it is a monocoque – meaning the entire wheel is comprised of just one piece – leads to revolutionary shock absorption and ride quality.

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