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An online fitness marketplace is offering women free, expert, sports bra fitting appointments at a pop up in London after finding out 89% of women are wearing the wrong size. Women can book an appointment for the pop up by registering their interest online.

A one-stop-shop for bespoke fitness goods is campaigning for women to wear the correct sized sports bra, by creating a free sports bra fitting pop up in London.

This comes after surveyed 2,443 of its British female customer base and discovered nearly nine out of ten (89%) of the respondents admit they wear the wrong sized sports bra.

The survey also revealed that more than half (52%) of women think their sports bra is uncomfortable and four fifths (81%) do not enjoy exercise because their breasts hurt when exercising. It also found that three quarters (75%) of women have not been measured for a bra in the last five years and more than four fifths (84%) opt for a tighter sports bra because they think it helps support their breasts. One in ten women (11%) even confessed to wearing two or more sports bras because they thought it would give them extra support.

Most sports bras are categorised by general sizes such as small, medium or large, which leads to women wearing the wrong size and potentially suffering from health problems.

To combat this sizing issue, has partnered with its apparel brands to create a free sports bra fitting pop up, where experts will advise women what size they are in each brand.

The pop up is scheduled to run on the 24th February, and will have three private booths. The company is asking women to register their interest online here: where they will be asked to select a preferred timeframe. Women will also be asked to bring their current sports bra and if it is the incorrect size, will give them a 10% off voucher for the site.

Wearing an incorrect sports bra size can lead to health problems, including back and neck pain, breast pain and irreparable damage to the ligaments inside the breast*.

There are two types of sports bra depending on breast size; compression bras are suitable for small to medium breasted women (cup sizes 32A – 36B), as they help press the breasts against the chest wall, which minimises bounce and enhances support. The second type of sports bra is an encapsulation bra, which is suitable for large breasted women because more support is given through cups.

Jyoti Mehan, founder of said,

“After the results from our survey came in, it genuinely shocked me, I couldn’t believe how many women knew they were wearing the wrong sized sports bra and were exercising in discomfort, or avoiding exercise altogether. I think most brands and consumers approach sports bras with a ‘one size fits all’ attitude, and it’s something that needs to change.

“It’s vital for women to get measured every few years or so, however because sports bras are not categorised in the same way as regular bras, it’s difficult for women to know what size to buy, and this is where the root of the problem lies. I hope our pop up can help educate women on what type and size of sports bra is best for them, and allow them to exercise in complete comfort!”