British bike manufacturer, Stanforth Bikes launches its second model, the Kibo+, after the success of the Kibo launched last summer.


The Kibo+ is an all-terrain touring bike specifically designed for go-anywhere long distance cycling. The frame and forks are hand made in England from tough but lightweight Reynolds 631 steel, by British frame builder Lee Cooper.

The Kibo + has a few upgrades versus the standard Kibo.

The forks are Reynolds 631, the hubs, crankset and front derailleur are Shimano XT, the brakes and levers are from Paul Components and the grips from Brooks England.

The Kibo+ is finished in British Racing Green.

Simon Stanforth claims the Kibo+ was built to be a robust bike with no limits on where it can go.

Justine Goring will be using the new Kibo+ on her adventure as she traces the length of the Iron Curtain which can be tracked at

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