The Oakley Evzero Range sunglasses – a great choice for cycling

Here’s a little game to play during the processional miles of the Tour de France before the frantic final hour of every stage; spot how many of the peloton are wearing these new glasses from Oakley. The EVZero Range are an astonishing pair of shades, offering an unobstructed view thanks to their rimless design, yet providing a huge area of protection.

They float off the scales at just 24g, 2g heavier than the EVZero Path, but with a 5mm extended range of view in the upper region. This 55mm lens height means that there’s no gap for sunlight to enter between lens and forehead, even when stretched out on aero bars. The Prism lens delivers extraordinary clarity, making it easier to spot imperfections in the road surface even on the brightest days, and the nose piece and tips of the arms hold the sunglasses in place when sweat rolls down the face. The lens isn’t interchangeable, and they are pricey, but they are also the best performing glasses we’ve tried.

Price: £140

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