A world-leading suite of 20 altitude bedrooms has been created at Loughborough University by UK altitude company, Sporting Edge.

The 20 rooms at Loughborough’s Elite Athlete Centre can each reach simulated altitudes imitating those of the Sierra Nevada or Kenya, where top class athletes previously had to travel to experience the same benefits.

But now entire sports teams can experience bespoke altitude experiences and maximise the benefit across the squad without the need to leave the country.

The altitude rooms help increase red blood cell count in the body, boosting oxygen carrying capacity and making it possible to deliver more oxygen to the muscles.

This means athletes such as Mo Farah and Zlatan Ibramovich, who have previously benefited from Sporting Edge’s technology, can go harder and faster for longer.

Sporting Edge key account manager Kevin Gillespie said: “The rooms are the most technically advanced altitude dormitories in the world and each have their own individual stable flow of air.

“This development is prestigious because Loughborough is one of the world’s most renowned and respected sports science institutions and we have been able to create something which will form a key part of their future.

“We already have a chamber with the English Institute of Sport, which is based on site, so to be able to strengthen our association with Loughborough University too is great for us.”

Each room can be programmed from 0-5,000m, with a dimmable repeater screen to reassure clients of the room conditions. They can reach 5,000m in less than four hours and can produce the same altitude of the High-Altitude Training Centre in Iten, Kenya in around 90 minutes.

“The hotel can individually prescribe each room for each member of the squad and make sure it is at the ideal level for them to see the most benefit,” Kevin added.

“But it isn’t just for Elite athletes. If someone was taking on the challenge of climbing Everest, this can help with acclimatisation too. Alongside things like the nutrition and performance packages the centre is offering, the altitude bedrooms are part of the full package.”

British Athletics’ endurance coach David Harmer said: “To have the opportunity to do simulated altitude makes the Elite Athlete Centre the last piece in the puzzle, in terms of a complete network of support providers driven towards winning more medals.”

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