American outdoor brand Columbia has announced it is searching for two new ‘Directors of Toughness‘, a job that essentially involves spending nine-months testing kit around the world.

Columbia created the two unique full-time positions within the company last year. The Directors of Toughness serve as full-time beta testers, brand ambassadors and social media gurus. Their aim is to assess whether Columbia’s kit is able to keep people warm, dry, cool and protected.

This year is the first time the positions will be open to European applicants and those asked to interview in person will need to travel to Skye, making it as Columbia has put “The Toughest Interview (To Get To).”

Unless you live on Skye.

The brand’s inaugural Directors of Toughness, Lauren Steele and Zach Doleac spent six months of last year travelling the globe, from the summit of Ecuador’s Cayambe volcano to the Arctic coast of Manitoba.

Now Columbia has upped the ante for this year’s recruits. In addition to job perks that include a full-time salary and benefits, the brand is extending the job duration from six to nine months.

Candidates eligible for employment in the UK will be able to register to interview online at