Product design consultants, Therefore, have teamed up with HandiWorld Ltd to create the Trailpod, designed to be adaptable for all-terrain types.


The trail pod has been built to take on gravel, grass, mud, sand and steps.

Unlike traditional bags, which have hard, skinny wheels, like a road bikes, the Trailpod’s wheels are more akin to a mountain bike,making it easier to pull the bag across rough terrain.

The Trailpod is formed of a reinforced polymer exoskeletal structure, which can hold up to 60 litres of gear and is strong enough to sit on. The handle rotates in order to cause less strain to your wrist, and also folds down to provide cup holders.

The Trailpod incorporates a removable cool bag for food and drink, plus adjustable netting for loose items or for when wet clothes need to be separated from the dry.

Trailpod uses Camba wheel technology, meaning it has three large wheels as opposed to two small ones.

The third wheel keeps Trailpod stable as the frame rotates to cope with any obstacles in its path, while the two other wheels spread the load so the bag doesn’t sink into any soft surfaces.

The Trailpod is launching through crowd funding site Indiegogo with $150,000 (£97,120) of funding being sought.