Outdoor Fitness Magazine Editor John Shepherd takes us through what to expect in the Outdoor Fitness April Issue…

Outdoor Fitness April IssueWhat can you do in a day? You could sleep, eat, drink (at the local!), watch TV and time-waste. It’s easily done. And what will you have achieved? Not much unless you like accumulating calories and behaving like the sofa bear in that TV ad. Ok, we all need R&R and a social life but you could grab your free days by the $%^&s and max out.

Gary Tompsett and Tobias Mews did just that. Gary tackled one of the toughest MTB challenges there is – he rode 24 hours in and out of the saddle, see page 34. He crashed after just 30 minutes but kept going to record fourth place in his age group. Then there’s Tobias who had a full day to discover the delights of the Lakes in a Day Ultra – see page 40. So taken was our man that he began to romanticise about what he saw and experienced so much so that he believed the Lakes could be the UK’s Eden.

I’m sure the now famous climbers Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell might not have described the sheer walls of El Capitan as Eden, although on reaching the flat lands at the top (after 19, yes 19 days), they may well have believed they’d arrived in heaven. We dig into how they did it on page 44. Caldwell is indeed our heroes’ hero of the month as he, as you’ll read, has also survived being kidnapped and shoot-outs in his life. Put’s everything into perspective doesn’t it?

Pain (and fear) is something that I’m sure the climbers had to deal with – and indeed in various intensities it’s something that the rest of us who train hard and set tough challenges also have to face and beat. On page 74 we provide you with 20 great ways to reduce any pain to a mere tickle. Apparently Sudoku is good, as are women’s stockings, a mirror and coffee. No it’s not something from 50 Shades of Grey, but ways to trick your mind, banish, reduce and deal with pain.

Maybe those of you running spring marathons will be able to use some of the pain beating techniques to help you run to a PB. And to bolster your chances we’ve also got some great tips and pointers on how to make sure you run your race to the best of your ability – see page 76.

Running a PB, completing a great challenge and blasting though pain are all great ways to have a red-letter day. So in the next 25 days or so between now and our next issue, let’s get some great days in.