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Outdoor Fitness June 2015 Cover

Leaving it all behind. I guess many of us will have seriously considered changing our 9-5s at some times in our lives.

This desire if it lingers long and hard enough can result in the “mid-life crisis”. But are Outdoor Fitness readers beyond it? No, not because we discarded the red sports car and ponytail years ago, but perhaps because we know how to get away from it all, recharge, replenish and challenge ourselves. We are temporarily (if not totally) able to leave it all behind and feel that the life we want to live is being lived.

Well, I say re-charge and replenish. Sometimes (no, quite often) the OF-type does something that empties the tank, and er knackers. Take Darren Girgas – as you’ll know we’ve been following his progress in our reader training diaries. Last month it was time for Darren to get away from it all and face the mighty challenge that is the Marathon des Sables. Turn to page 50 to see how our man got on. Darren by the way tented with Ranulph Fiennes – a man who has been escaping and discovering life in the best possible ways for a very long time.

An escape to discovery is what doing the type of activities that this magazine covers is all about. I mean who would think that a 1km race is a tough proposition? A reasonable track runner could cover that distance is a couple of minutes, yet it took Damian Hall over 48 minutes in France! Ok, it was a vertical Km – one that at time had Damian on all fours scrambling and walking and running backwards – and at other times calling for “les pompiers” to extinguish his burning thighs! Turn to page 34.

In doing these challenges, like the MdS or a vertical climb, you can very much feel heroic in the aftermath. You bask in your own self satisfaction and warranted glory in achieving something that’s almost entirely down to you and your physical and mental will.

Tobias Mews, is no slouch when it comes to endurance activity and is someone who has unleashed on numerous occasion his inner hero, yet even he was in awe of his superhero – Kiwi adventure athlete extraordinaire, Richard Ussher. Turn to page 46 to read our contributor’s account of the great man when he ran with him in New Zealand.

You’ll find plenty more escapes, heroes and get aways as usual on our pages and if – as I’m quietly confident you’ll be inspired to have a go – then we have our own great, get-away challenge. Add the Outdoor Fitness Braveheart Triathlon to your to-do list. The event takes place in October – turn to page 23 to find out how to enter and what it’s all about. Look out for issue-by-issue training plans over the next few months. We’ll get you ready.

Finally, please check-out and sign up for our new Outdoor Fitness youtube channel and don’t forget to also scan the video revealing QR codes that appear for certain articles in this issue, for example, Darren’s MdS, the Neptune Steps and Helen Jenkins’ S&C routine.

John Shepherd, Editor