Our Editor, Amy Curtis, is excited to introduce the all new and improved Outdoor Fitness Magazine.

Outdoor Fitness MagazineThe first issue is out on Friday 6th October and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

We have been chatting to Amy about the new magazine, how it caters for fans of Running Magazine and Triathlon Plus Magazine and what we have to look forward to in the new issue.

Q: I am a runner – what will Outdoor Fitness offer for me?

A: I am a runner too, so I know just how you feel and what you’re looking for! As part of the collaborate between Running, Tri Plus and Outdoor Fitness, we have introduced a nice big section on running, covering training, interviews, kit, routes and more. As well as this, elsewhere in the magazine we talk about cross training and injury prevention, all of which is very relevant to runners. The same goes for those who are interested in triathlon – there’s a dedicated section, plus lots of relevant info throughout.

Q: I’ve read OF before and found it to be quite ‘hardcore’ – is it still the same?

A: One of the first things we have tried to do with the new issue is bring it back down to Earth, to appeal to every type of athlete, from the extreme to the occasional dabbler; we see ourselves as a good point of call for anyone starting out in running, tri or, indeed, any other kind of sport (but we have also kept some of those crazy stories in, more to inspire readers, rather than challenge them!).

Q: So it’s a completely different magazine?

A: It’s not a complete change, there are still some of the usual contributors and we are still going to show you some amazing places and amazing people, but the feedback we got from a lot of readers was that a lot of the content was beyond their reach. We have taken this into account and added lots of advice and inspiration for ‘normal’ people who like to run, swim, ride, climb – giving them tips and kit reviews as well as inspiration and training ideas.

Q: And triathlon?

A: Yes! There is a special section aimed at triathletes, including monthly advice for beginners, training routine ideas for swimming, cycling and running, plus in-depth kit reviews. We have a great team (who all compete in one way or another) working on this section, so you will find like-minded people giving you all the tri lowdowns every month, regardless of your level.

Q: But wouldn’t it be better to just keep the three separate magazines?

A: It’s surprising how many runners go on to try their hand at triathlon, and with any sport, you need to complement it with cross training so, in fact, the three are a great match for a new, bigger publication, all together. On my team I have runners, triathletes and extreme sports-people, who are all passionate about what they do (even the amateurs, like me!) and together we are compiling a definitive selection of training, kit, nutrition and competition information that should serve as great all-round advice, whatever your sport.

Q: What if I don’t like it?

A: I really hope you do, but if not I want to hear why! This is a work in progress; we want to get it right and the best way to do that is to listen to our readers, so don’t be afraid to speak up!


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Picture Credit: Amy Curtis