Editor John Shepherd talks through Outdoor Fitness March Issue with highlights of what to expect in your copy…

Outdoor Fitness March 2015 issue

Have you ever been sidelined by a niggling injury or by a more serious one? Given some of the activities we do, it’s more likely to be a case of when an injury occurs not if. There are numerous ways to stop that injury occurring in the first place. Pre-training is the buzz-word in the world of elite sports.

Athletes ‘train to train’ – they follow a programme of exercises that are designed to reduce the risk of injuries occurring in the first place – these can be generic to their particular sport, or specific to them. And it’s often the latter that are the most crucial. You may suffer from regular Achilles tendon problems (most involved in running sports will do so at some time), backache or pulled/ strained hamstrings are further common injuries. Yet many of these can be trained away if you are diligent and follow the right exercise programme and you do so consistently. We provide you with numerous tips and strategies in this issue to avoid a strain – see page 76. And if you do sustain an injury our guide to common ones will assist your road to recovery – see page 72.

Like an injury, we know how demoralising it can be to not finish a race or a training effort – but learning from that experience is equally crucial as it is to learning from injury. On page 68 we tell you how to avoid a DNF. Nutrition is likewise crucial if we want to perform at our best and this issue sees the introduction of some new regular features, such as Cutting Edge Nutrition and SuperFood – see pages 84 and 86. It’s all well and good having a superbike (and there’s one of those too in the issue – page 96), but rather paradoxical of you, if you don’t feed your human engine with the best fuel.

And when you are injury free and optimally fuelled you’ll need some super challenges and outdoor adventures and have we got some to whet your appetitive, specifically 30 – see page 33. From the Comrades to the Boston marathons, from mountain biking in Peru to California, to Escaping from Alcatraz and conquering the Alpe d’Huez by swimming, cycling and running – the outdoors – whether near or far really is your adventure oyster.

Finally, as you’ll have read last issue, Jonathan Manning signed off as editor (he’s still firmly involved with Outdoor Fitness though as our contributing editor). So, I’d like to say a hearty ‘hi’ as the new editor and you can rest assured that we’ll be bringing you more of the same great content that makes this magazine the must-have read for those who want to make the most of the great outdoors.