Editor John Shepherd reveals what you’ll find in the Outdoor Fitness May 2015 issue…

Outdoor Fitness May 2015 Issue

This time of the year, with its change in weather, inspires many people to venture into the outdoors – although of course regular Outdoor Fitness readers don’t really need that motivation do you? (Although come on, it helps!)

So this issue more than nods towards the warmer months ahead. On a practical activity level of suitable and time-specific springtime pursuits we’ve plenty. For one, Nik Cooks get shaken and stirred by riding on cobbles. Yes, when the pros are riding the springtime classics of Paris Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, so too can you at home or abroad. Nik provides the riding, bike and destination tips that’ll allow you to tackle some of the toughest under wheel conditions you could ever face (page 62).

Physically you may want to spring clean your workouts as you prepare for the new seasons and their challenges. This issue kicks off a series of such training articles, the first with Sir Chris Hoy, no less. Sir Chris describes his top five cycling exercises. Be warned – you could end up with rather large thighs (a la Chris), but I bet you wouldn’t mind a bit of his power!

And power is what you’ll need to blast over the cobles and err… climb Everest on a bike. That’s a nice spring day out. No, no trip to Nepal is involved; you simply find a local hill and pedal up and down it to achieve 29,002ft in one attempt. If no one’s done it before you get it in your name. Laurie Lambeth is this country’s most prolific Everesting expert and we find out more about him and his momentous climbing exploits – see page 72.

Laurie is a tough chap, but so too are the thousands that tackle the Tough Guy obstacle race – although I suspect some question their sanity when they line up to tackle the killing fields, Gallipoli Bog and the Battle of the Somme – so-called stages of the Tough Guy. We sent our man Patrick Kinsella off to shoulder arms and see whether he was made of the right stuff. Turn to page 42 to see whether he was and why a guy in a mankini got him flustered.

Pleasant spring runs are perhaps a more welcoming activity to the likes of the Tough Guy; have you and your mates been out for a run and been constrained by where and how far you can go by the fact that you need to get back to base? Well, we have the solution – you swap car keys. As Sean McFarlane is at pains to point out there’s nothing sordid about this; rather it’s simple – turn to page 46, to see how it all works.

Thinking of more simple, but innovative ideas, we’re going to introduce some video onto the pages of this magazine over the next few issues on a trial basis. So when you see a video symbol, with a QR code – simply scan it with your smart phone to see some action. On page 34 for example, you can watch Damian Hall eulogise over a cup of tea, when completing the Spine Race! Let us know what you think.