Bonk, a UK lifestyle and performance apparel label for the endurance sports community announces that the company is up for sale.

The Bonk brand re-launched exactly a year ago and has enjoyed an excellent 12 months, so this announcement may come as somewhat of a surprise.  However, the following statement from the company’s Founder, Charlie Evans, explains the reasons behind the decision:

“2017 was a terrific year for Bonk.  We hit the ground running in January having tied up a host of event merchandising deals that really put our brand back on the map. The year ended as our best on record, turnover was up 275% for the calendar period, and we manufactured over 40,000 units, predominantly tech t-shirts and hoodies for endurance events in the UK.  We also invested significantly into the custom kit arm of the business which is ‘launch ready’ and, on top of that, we’ve been developing a collection of cycle jerseys, plus a new training and lifestyle range, all planned for release in 2018.  The future looks very exciting.

However, behind the scenes I have been diagnosed with an illness that limits my ability to dedicate the attention that Bonk deserves without significantly compromising my long-term health.

With all that in mind I’ve decided to put the company up for sale. The brand is in good commercial shape and I think it’s an opportune time for someone with fresh legs and new ideas to step in and take Bonk to the next level.

We do have some existing interest, but I am keeping an open mind with respect to offers and approaches for the company. We’ve got a great community of loyal followers and customers, so I think it makes sense to put the word out and I’d encourage anyone who might be interested to get in touch for a conversation.”

If anyone reading this fancies a fresh challenge this New Year and might be interested in taking the brand on, you can get in touch directly by emailing