As part of their new “Campaign for Real Life” Bridgedale is challenging everyone to get back to the “Little things that matter” which will enhance health and wellbeing.

ScreensDownBy launching its ‘ScreensDown SocksUp’ campaign, Bridgedale is going to encourage everyone to give up some of their screen time and swap it for the Great Outdoors.

Gary Turk, an award-winning writer, performer and filmmaker who became an internet sensation following the global success of his ‘Look Up’ video which has to date attracted over 600 million views worldwide is the Brand Ambassador and voice of the campaign.

Gary is a passionate believer that we now need to reconsider the time we spend on our screen and find a better screen / real life balance.

The campaign aims to encourage consumers to seize the opportunity to replace some of the time spent looking at what others are doing, to time spent in the outdoors. Reflecting on how these small changes to screen life and spending time outdoors is proven to enhance your health and wellbeing.

 #SocksUp is not an anti- device or anti-social media campaign but an initiative to question how and when devices are used.  For example, taking a phone on a walk to use as a camera and a safety net but making the decision to not take any calls, read any notifications or messages or post on social media whilst walking with friends or family.

ScreensDown – The Pledge

The campaign will centre on website content encouraging customers to pledge to swap some of their screen time for outdoor time. The pledge, that can be taken either online or offline, will be supported with content and links that will inspire, educate and encourage in practical ways how consumers can use their screens more efficiently giving them more time to spend outdoors.

Bridgedale will also be running promotions for those who sign up to the pledge. Everyone who signs up to the pledge will be entered into a prize draw with the opportunity to win a “digital detox” break in the Lake District and further prizes of Outdoor kit and clothing.

Little by little. Step by step. We’re changing the world beneath your feet.