Coastal brand, Crew Clothing, have partnered with environmental activist and record breaking paddle boarder, Lizzie Outside.

Lizzie is the founder of Plastic Patrol, a not-for-profit charity dedicated to the fight against plastic pollution.

Bespoke Water Bottles

Crew Clothing have collaborated with Lizzie Outside to launch a Crew x Plastic Patrol re-usable water bottle that can be bought online here and also in-store. The shiny chrome decanter is decorated with a graphic bird design and for each water bottle sold, Crew Clothing will donate 10% of profits to the Plastic Patrol charity.

River Clean Ups

As part of the collaboration, Crew Clothing and Lizzie will host free paddle boarding river clean ups during April. The plastic waste will be logged along the way, it will be geo-tagged for research purposes in the Plastic Patrol app in addition to collecting water samples so micro plastic levels can be analysed. Sign up is free here.