The research unveiled that most 18-30 year olds will start prepping for their holiday 4 months in advance, spending mostly across the health, fitness, diet and clothing categories. Stats also found that the main incentive of a social-media savvy generation, which is driving the surge in pre-holiday spending, is to look good in pictures!

“Instagram has contributed a massive amount to the fitness sector as people, particularly millennials, find inspiration and advice on how to improve their overall fitness and desired aesthetic. People are willing to spend more on workout plans and supplements because they see the positive results that others share on social media and this motivates them to achieve their own personal goals”

 Tom Pitfield, Myprotein Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant

How do the genders stack up?

Overall, women spend around £140 more than men in preparation for summer, an average investment of £610 compared to the £470 spent by men. Women appear to significantly prefer the use of workout plans and personal trainers than men, and fork out £88 more in this area, each summer. Men spend the majority of their money on supplements, shelling out £30 more than women on average, making it the only spending category in which men spend more than women.

What is the most expensive summer fitness goal?

Results showed that ‘slim down/lose weight’ is the area people tend to spend the most on at an average cost of £607 for one summer.

Vegan Millennials?

Respondents were also asked about their top dietary and fitness changes, with 8 in 10 saying reducing fat in the diet was their preference and 6 in 10 would increase their cardio activity.
The study also revealed that 56% of millennials would go vegan or vegetarian in their efforts to prep for summer, compared to just 22% of over 40’s; stats which are reflective of a health-conscious generation.

“It might seem surprising how much people spend in an attempt to achieve their desired summer look, but more and more people are prioritising health and fitness in their lives. The easier access to healthy recipes online and the growing popularity of diets such as veganism go hand in hand and partly explain why people may spend more on healthy food ingredients to help achieve their fitness goals.”
– Jennifer Blow, Myprotein Nutritionist 

The summer prep starts…

In preparation for summer, Brits spend an average of 4.21 months trying to meet their fitness goals, with women spending one month longer than their male counterparts. On average, respondents said they spend 6.5 hours a week training in the run up for summer yet 21% said they will spend over 10 hours each week working out to achieve their summer fitness goal.

Based on these preparation habits, the average cost of working towards a summer fitness goal would be a whopping £33,705 in a lifetime!