Some unsettling survey results – it’s time to get up and out of the chair

According to recent research, the average UK resident will spend 18 years of their lifetime sitting down, with 51 hours and 44 minutes spent seated during a typical week.

The survey was commissioned by vitamin experts Solgar UK, whose head of Nutrition and Education Paul Chamberlain said: “Experts have long been flagging the increasing rates of inactivity in our countries, with movement being stripped out of our modern lifestyles.  As a society we’re in real danger of spending too long taking the weight off, and not long enough exercising.

“Our study found that people only exercise for a fraction of the amount of time they spend sitting down, which can lead to joint and muscle problems.  People forget that we were not built to sit still all the time, but designed to move”.

Brits spend only four hours a week exercising, and four hours a day on their feet – just over half the time they spend sitting down. Eight in 10 say they enjoy sitting down for work, but also admit they should do more exercise and spend more time moving around.

A lifetime sitting down

Over the course of an adult lifetime, we will spend:

  • 6.2 years sitting down at work
  • 4.9 years sitting in a favourite chair at home
  • 4.9 years commuting
  • 4.8 years watching films
  • 2 years sitting down to eat
  • 1.4 years driving
  • 1.1 years playing video games
  • 10.7 months sitting on public transport
  • 10.2 months sitting in the pub
  • 6.6 months sitting on the toilet

Solgar has launched it’s #designedtomove campaign to spread awareness of this issue.