For some of us, training for something like a marathon isn’t as simple as just pulling on the trainers and going for a 10km run after work every evening. Time, focus and motivation can be even greater hurdles to conquer than physical fitness. The good news is that there are now plenty of apps to help us to overcome these challenges; apps that give the potential to basically have a personal trainer to hand whenever you need them. We’ve picked out some of the free ones that are worth considering.

MapMyRun I Android, iOS, Free


Effortlessly track and map over 600 types of workouts including running, walking and cycling. You can also join MapMyRun’s community of over 40 million runners to share tips with pros and beginners alike.


  • Connect and import data from over 400 different fitness devices like Fitbits and Garmins.
  • Receive audio feedback on every GPS-tracked run, including stats such as pace, route, distance and calories

Runkeeper I Android, iOS, Free

Runkeeper helps you stick to your running routine and track your exercise to help set goals and monitor your progress.


  • Track your workouts – whether running, walking, jogging or cycling
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Create exercise plans that fit with your schedule
  • Schedule helpful reminders, to prompt you to train

Trainerize | Android, iOS, Free


If you’re taking on a personal trainer to get marathon fit then Trainerize is the app to help you get the most out of them.Trainers can set up an account on the app to deliver customised and comprehensive training plans, also helping you to stay engaged and committed to your programme. You can also message your trainer in real time and review past progress stats, graphs.


  • Access and schedule training plans
  • Follow and check-in to workouts
  • Set push notifications on days with scheduled workouts
  • Track body stats and take progress photos

MyFitnessPal | Android, iOS, Free


This is designed to make calorie counting and food tracking easy. Simply download the MyFitnessPal app and fill in a few details about yourself to create a personalised diet and exercise programme. Start tracking your meals and exercise immediately, helping you pick up on habits which will allow you to make healthier choices.


  • The largest food database of any Android calorie counter – with over 6,000,000 foods
  • Quick and easy food entry – it remembers your favourites, allows you to add multiple foods at once and save and add entire meals
  • Barcode scanner – you can track a food just by scanning its barcode (over 4 million barcodes recognised.


Looking for a phone with enough space to hold your training apps? A useful option to consider is Vodafone’s new release which has a whopping 32GB of internal memory – the Platinum Smart 7.

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