Activated charcoal lovers rejoice, the wellness beverage is now available in an affordable sharing size – no more messing around with expensive, tiny shots of the cleansing ingredient.  

Health drinks brand, WOW, has launched the world’s first multi-serve bottle of an activated charcoal drink, available now in selected Co-op stores.

WOW Body Cleanse Drink is a blend of cold-pressed juice and filtered water added to activated charcoal derived from coconut shells. The beverage targets common health concerns faced by many; bloating, over-indulgence and even the common cold. Activated charcoal has been used for centuries to help maintain a healthy digestive tract by removing toxins. When consumed, gas and other impurities in your body are trapped by the charcoal’s pores, stopping them from being fully absorbed into the bloodstream. They are then removed naturally from your body.

WOW’s activated charcoal is cleanly sourced from coconut shells, not the coal you find on your barbecue. The charcoal becomes activated through a steaming process, creating a densely porous surface. Unlike other similar drinks on the market, WOW Body Cleanse Drink will not burn a hole in your pocket, with the new size available from £3.50

The drink is jet black but the activated charcoal is tasteless. The low calorie drink is available in three flavours, Lemon & Ginger; Raspberry and Lemon & Mint.

The larger bottle will provide three recommended portions (250ml) and once opened must be consumed within two days.

The range also includes an on-the-go size of 250ml, available from £1.89 in selected Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Co-op stores.