Research released today by Meridian Foods, reveals that breakfast’s position as ‘the most important meal of the day’ is under serious threat, with time constraints and busy lifestyles rendering it rushed and boring.

Meridian Foods’ survey into the nation’s breakfast eating habits has found that whilst breakfast is still eaten at least 4 times a week by two thirds of Brits surveyed (62%), nearly half (47%) allow less than ten minutes for breakfast each morning. The average time dedicated to breakfast was just 13 minutes, compared to 21 minutes for lunch and 30 minutes for dinner. Worryingly one in ten (11%) people surveyed don’t eat breakfast at all.

Of those starting their day the right way with breakfast, over half (58%) admitted to eating the same every day or alternating between a handful of options. Of these people, over half (52%) claimed this was down to a combination of a lack of time and the ease and convenience of their current options.

Meridian Foods is aiming to educate the nation on the importance of a well-balanced breakfast and the ease and versatility of introducing nut butters at the start of the day. This was reflected by the research revealing that cereal, toast and porridge are still the UK’s most favoured choices for breakfast, and that half of those surveyed (49.9%) would like more variety in their first meal of the day.

Helen Money, Meridian Nutritionist, commented: “Skipping breakfast or choosing a less than optimal breakfast to fill rather than nourish increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies impacting both wellbeing and performance. A nourishing breakfast does not have to be time consuming, just stirring nut butter into porridge increases B vitamins, iron, magnesium and zinc all of which are needed for energy creation.”

James Haskell, international rugby player and Meridian sporting ambassador added: “Although many of us are rushed in the morning, especially if we’re working out, it’s vital not to overlook breakfast.”

“Protein is essential for repairing and rebuilding muscle broken down when exercising. I personally include nut butters as part of my breakfast routine as they’re a rich source of natural protein which helps stimulate muscle growth and helps my body recover. Nut butters provide you with a natural source of protein, which is ideal for keeping you satisfied and feeling full throughout the morning and you can use it in so many ways to create a tasty and nutritious breakfast.”

However not everyone is bypassing a great start to the day, those over 55 years of age (61.5%) and those living in the South West (53.1%) sit down to breakfast 7 days a week, and whilst most try to enjoy breakfast at home (83.1%), one in ten (10.3%) make sure they eat breakfast even if it’s on the go or at work.