So, we’re almost ready to discuss our training programmes but first, food!

We have always been passionate about food, Sam has taken courses in how to cook and has even worked as a chef for a while and Henry is highly proficient at eating – he nearly always gets it in his mouth… Of course, deciding on training and diet routines to prepare us for a year long expedition is difficult, it is borderline unchartered territory and whatever we decide now we will have to change for the duration of the trek.

But we thought long and hard about it, working backwards from our work out schedule to decide what we need to be ingesting to support our training and this is what we have come up with.

Essentially it is 4-5 meals a day, low sugar, high protein, consisting of at least our five-a-day which will provide us with a decent level of fibre and fructose. We are wanting to bulk up a bit so there are some carb heavy meals in there as well but for the time being, lean muscle growth is what we are aiming for. A typical day plan might look like this:


This is what we call ‘first breakfast’. This tends to be a natural organic yoghurt, with granola, assorted fruit and honey. Sometimes if we’ll throw some raisins in for good measure!


After a morning run refuel with plenty of protein. This tends to be 4-5 scrambled eggs on wholemeal bread. Along with the eggs a shake consisting of one scoop of impact whey protein, approximately 19 grams of protein.


After a heavy breakfast, lunch is kept fairly light. Usually it’ll consist of a salmon or grilled chicken salad; avocado is a fantastic extra ingredient if you can lay your hands on it.


2 hours before the evening gym session we need a snack, sometimes this is a protein bar and an apple, or if we have a little more time a chicken and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread. This will keep the hunger at bay!


After an hour at the gym, the first thing done is to have another protein shake, again with 1 scoop of impact whey, which is perfect for recovery. And then generally we will have something reasonably carbohydrate heavy, spaghetti bolognese or a chick pea curry.

It must be noted and underlined, this is what we strive for! We do however live in the real world and realise preparing this amount of food every day is expensive and time consuming! We also both like naughty treats… Henry has a penchant for turning anything into milkshake – his particular favourite being a treacle tart.

Key to our diets is keeping processed foods and non natural sugars to an absolute minimum. There have been some fascinating studies in the effects of even the slightest dose of sugar in the diet and its link to the propagation of cancer.

The information is quite compelling and, despite the occasional relapse, we try to adhere to this philosophy strictly!

A brief note on drinking as well; water.

Bar the occasional cup of tea and the very rare beer all we drink is water and at least 2 litres a day of it. To maintain the level of training we are putting in it is absolutely vital that we have enough fluid in our systems.

Next time we will look at our training programme and then you will be caught up on all of our routines. After that we will start to talk about the expedition itself, how we are planning and sponsoring it etc. See you soon!

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