Hangover tips for training

Let’s just say you do have a moment of over indulgence ahead a major event – here’s how to fast-track your way through a hangover with our hangover tips…

Dress code

Compensate for the effect alcohol has on your internal thermometer. In cold conditions your hung-over body can lose heat more rapidly than normally – whilst in hot temperatures your body might not release enough heat.

Don’t sweat it

Forcing yourself to train whilst wearing bin-liners beneath your kit or even take to the sauna to try and ‘sweat out’ the booze can have a drastic repercussions. You’ll instead just strain your already dehydrated system – the bulk of alcohol will have been converted to energy by the time you start.

Time your restart

If you’re able to recall how many drinks you had it may help to time your recovery. Alcohol is metabolized at the rate of .015 of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) – or approximately one drink every hour.

Encourage metabolization

The liver will have to work extra hard to create energy boosting glycogen whilst still processing alcohol. Restore your blood sugar levels with simple carbs and continue to raise your hydration levels with water, fruit drinks and milk thistle which can help metabolise alcohol.

Image: Shutterstock