Training for a triathlon is tough. You’ll be running, swimming and cycling multiple times every week and constantly pushing your limits. Doing this requires a lot of fuel.

If you really want to be successful, then you’ll need a carefully planned diet. Supporting that regime with the right supplements helps you to get precisely the nutrients you need to boost your endurance and help your body become stronger.

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Building muscle

Building up muscle requires protein, and it’s much easier to consume enough while maintaining a balanced diet if you incorporate supplements. Whey protein products are easy to mix into drinks and come in lots of different flavours. For best results, they should be consumed immediately after exercise or before bed, so that the body is ready to make the most of them while rebuilding the muscles that have been broken down during exercise. Taking a supplement like this every day will help with all aspects of your triathlon performance.

Muscle repair

The intensive work involved in triathlon training, especially when striving to beat PBs, often causes injury. It might not be as obvious as a sprain or strain, but could build up slowly over time, weakening your performance. This is why it’s important to balance training with adequate rest, and listen to not only your trainer or physiotherapist, but your body too. Athletes can propel their pursuits by consuming a diet that enhances the body’s natural processes of recovery. Taking a glutamine supplement helps speed up the muscle repair process and guard against cumulative damage. For even better results, take a supplement containing anti-catabolic acids on a daily basis.

Before you work out

Reduce the risk of injury and prepare your body for working out by taking a creatine supplement in the mornings or before you are active. Some brands blend this with caffeine for an energising boost. Caffeine is also beneficial because it reduces any swelling in mucous membranes, helping to keep injuries from getting worse. Taking an amino acid complex provides your body with the materials it needs to commence the process of building muscle and is useful during each stage of your triathlon training.

Nutrition basics

The mistake many athletes make, however, is to take supplements while neglecting other aspects of a healthy diet, especially fluid intake. Without enough liquid, the body cannot make use of all that extra nutrition or protein, so it really is important to pay attention to hydration. Adding a glutamine matrix with additional amino acids to your daily diet can significantly help with ensuring that you get everything you need to build and maintain muscle while staying in good health. It’s also important to make sure you eat enough fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates so that you have the elevated levels of energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals to match a rigorous training regime.

With the right diet, you’ll find it much easier to achieve peak performance and compete at your best against other triathletes. Of course, you’ll still need to put in a lot of hard work over a long period of time, because triathlon success doesn’t come easily to anyone. But, with the right diet and a regime of complimentary supplements, your body will be primed to train and improve even more efficiently.