Favourite festive drinks contains hundreds of hidden calories and could cause Brits to pile on the pounds this Christmas.

The health and fitness team at Vivotion.com have compiled a list of the UK’s favourite Christmas liquid goodies, to prove that they’re harbouring oodles of calories.

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it’s hard to keep on top of what’s eaten, but some favourite festive drinks should be consumed more sparingly.

Most Brits know that Mince Pies, Christmas Puddings and Yule Log are very calorific, but many are blissfully unaware of the calories lurking in some of the nation’s “must have” Christmas drinks.

Just one small glass of Mulled Wine, for instance, can chomp up nearly 10% of a woman’s recommend daily calorie intake – that’s a massive 150 calories in a measly 120ml glass.

Even a small hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows comes in at a whopping 285 calories per cup.

A spokesperson from Vivotion.com commented: “We all know that Christmas is a time for loosening up a little and really enjoying yourself, but the number of calories hiding in our favourite festive drinks alone is quite concerning.

“On Christmas Day the average adult could easily devour a hot chocolate in the morning, followed by two or three glasses of prosecco with dinner.

“Followed by multiple tipples in the evening, calorie intake could sneak up to around 1000 from festive drinks alone.

“It’s these sneaky calories that will add up to the weight gain which lots of people experience over Christmas.

“By increasing awareness of drinks’ content and showing some restraint, it’s possible to enjoy Christmas without piling on so many pounds by January.”

Christmas drink Calories
Mulled wine 150kcal (120ml glass)
Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows 285kcal (small)
Bucks Fizz 89kcal (150ml glass)
Prosecco Sparkling Wine 100kcal (150ml glass)
Eggnog 140kcal (150ml glass)
Gingerbread Latte 79kcal (small)
Port 79kcal (50ml glass)
Baileys 150kcal (50ml glass)