Do you struggle to find tasty alternatives to potatoes and rice? These handy pouches from Mr Oliver are packed with pulses and grains…

Jamie Oliver Ready to Eat Pouches

Eaten hot or cold, and promoted as a healthy alternative side dish to potatoes and rice, the Jamie Oliver Ready to Eat Pouches are a quick and tasty way to get some fuel in you. The eye-catching packaging comes with suggestions of what to put it on the side of, as well as a look at what lies inside…

The range includes six packs:

  • Incredible Curried Chickpeas
  • Lovely Lentils
  • Mouth-watering Moroccan Salad
  • Sensational Sweet Chilli Spelt
  • Marvellous Mustard Pearl Barley
  • Super sundried Tomato Quinoa

Done in the microwave in just one minute, the packs do offer a quick snack on their own or a delicious accompaniment to meat, fish, cheese and vegetables. My favourite was the curried chickpeas with a subtle spiciness to them and, as a vegetarian, I found it worked well on it’s own. Some of the packs did require a little seasoning to be eaten on their own but they were fantastic for a quick hunger-fix.

Jamie Oliver Ready to Eat Pouches Curried Chickpeas

They are free from any unnecessary additives and bulking agents and are made from superfood pulses and grains. You can get a high protein fix from the super sundried tomato quinoa and the curried chickpeas (above) are good for slow-releasing energy.

The pouches are available from Sainsbury’s and Morrisons with an RRP of £2.29.

WORDS: Katherine Weir