Protein bars are a quick and simple way to get energy and refuel on the go. We look at three types available on the market

USN Pure Protein


£18.79 for 12

Packing a seriously impressive 24.2g of whey protein into each 75g bar, this is the ideal post training recovery snack to rebuild and replenish exhausted muscles. It’s dense and filling, and although it doesn’t match confectionery for flavour, it’s closer to a chocolate bar than cereal bar as a treat.

Each 75g bar contains: 308kcal; 24.2g protein; 33.7g carbohydrate; and 8.3g fat.

PHD Protein FlapjackUntitled


This Flapjack includes 19g of milk and whey protein to boost muscle recovery, alongside 37g of carbs, including slow energy release oats. It’s much lower in fat and sugar than traditional flapjacks, and less tasty as a consequence.

It’s tough to chew, but our taste test gave the thumbs up to the peanut flavour, ahead of apple/ raspberry and forest berries.

Each 75g flapjack contains: 271kcal; 19g protein; 35g carbohydrate and 7.1g fat.

9bar BreakfastUntitled


If your pre-work run or swim doesn’t give you time for breakfast, here’s a delicious alternative. A quarter of the ingredients are healthy seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp), and there’s a useful 9g or protein in each 50g bar.

We found it the tastiest bar of these three at any time of day, but it is lower in protein.

Each 50g bar contains: 226kcal; 9g protein; 21.7g carbohydrate; and 11g fat.