Love it or hate it, Marmite could benefit your training…

Why? Because Marmite contains B12, B12 like all vitamins is a facilitator – in its specific case it aids the formation of DNA, is required for the synthesis of brain neurotransmitters and important amino acids and the general growth and division of cells, including those in bone marrow, which go onto form blood cells.

Red blood cells are crucial for carrying oxygen around our body and a lack of B12 can result in a reduced red blood cell count and fatigue both physical and mental, which will affect training.

How much B12 do you need?

The UK RNI for B12 is 1.5mcgs a day.

B12 Facts

  • B12 contains the biochemically rare element cobalt – hence it’s also called Cobalamine.
  • It’s used to treat Cyanide poisoning!
  • With age, the ability to synthesise B12 reduces.
  • Large doses may help sleep disorders.
  • Fortified foods, such as soy milk and soy burgers are reliable sources of B12 for vegetarians.

B12 Content (mcg/100g edible portion)


Liver Pate…7.2

Beef/lamb/pork (lean cuts, cooked)…2.5

Eggs, whole, raw…2.5

Baked cod fillets…2.0


Cheddar cheese…1.1

Fried lambs liver…8.1


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