Following a busy day at work, you rush home and throw on your trainers for an evening run. Your energy levels are low and your body aching following an intense weekend of training. One company believe they can help overcome this and help fitness enthusiasts get the most from their training.

Vit Stix are the latest innovation in fitness designed vitamins, that are in single portions that simply tear and pour into water to make a refreshing Tropical Citrus drink. They have already been enjoyed by thousands following a successful pilot launch, and now they want to hydrate you too.

With a premium blend of Vitamins, the product also boasts no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours at less than 7 calories a drink. This makes them perfect for runners who want to hydrate and obtain benefits designed to enhance sports performance.

The liquid sachets conveniently mix with water to create an instant vitamin drink at a fraction of the price of bottled alternatives. They fit perfectly into travel, work or gym bags, and unlike effervescent tablets, mix instantly to save time.

Each stick includes benefits designed for runners:
25% RI Vitamin B for Natural energy
25% RI Vitamin C for Immunity & Muscle/Tissue Recovery
50% RI Vitamin D to maintain bones and muscles
25% RI Zinc for to reduce inflammation.

Founder, Tom Anderson-Dixon said “after successfully launching Squash Stix, I found juggling the running of a company, a social life, and eating and staying healthy really tough. I was fully aware I wasn’t getting the right vitamins, nor was I getting the most from my workouts when I finally got out to pound the streets.

After conducting market research I found I wasn’t alone and that’s why we launched Vit Stix to complement our already successful Squash Stix brand.”.

Vit Stix have just signed an exciting deal with and are now progressing in talks with other major sport, health and grocery retailers to offer this product in stores.