Correct hydration levels have long been the topic of extensive debate but what are the real benefits of ensuring a healthy water intake each day? The Big Bottle Company, creators of 2.2l water bottles, commissioned a hydration survey, in association with St Mary’s University, Twickenham, to find out.

HydrationThe research, involving 100 Londoners, took place over 24 hours between 7th and 8th August. Participants were asked to do a home urine test and take a survey at 3pm on day one then, over the course of the next 24 hours, ensured they consumed at least two litres of water (widely recognized as the optimum average volume) before taking a second urine test and survey.

Those surveyed were representative of both genders as well as a wide range of ages and lifestyles; people who drank the recommended amount of water reported the following

  • 84% saw an increase in concentration levels
  • 81% perceived their energy levels to be higher
  • 36% stated their skin felt more hydrated
  • 20% recorded improved sleep quality

Additionally, urine test results were reported to be significantly better – meaning less strain on vital organs – and the participants said they felt significantly happier in their reporting for the second survey.

HydrationProf John Brewer, the hydration expert who oversaw the research, explained ‘The topic of hydration is surrounded by as much myth as fact but every piece of scientific research – including this one –  unequivocally shows that drinking over two litres of water each day does you a huge amount of good.’

Rene Maddelena, General Manager of the Big Bottle Co, added ‘While our bottles are a fun and colourful way to keep track of your hydration, we wanted to gain real life examples of the direct benefits of doing something as simple as drinking enough water each day. So many of our fans have already experienced the increased health and wellbeing and these results confirm what we have been seeing and hearing. The Big Bottle lifestyle really is a low cost option to healthy living.’

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