What to eat

  • Time For Teff: A Little Grain With Big Potential

    Time For Teff: A Little Grain With Big Potential

    2nd September 2017

    Bored of bread, cereal, rice and pasta? Perhaps it’s time to consider teff – a little known gluten-free grain that packs a big nutritional punch! If you haven’t heard of teff, you’re not alone. Although teff is grown by over…

  • Curry: Energy-Injecting Shaljam Gosht

    Curry: Energy-Injecting Shaljam Gosht

    25th August 2017

    Britain’s favourite dish can make you fitter, thinner and faster, and even add some spice to your performance. Try this turnip and lamb curry. Shaljam Gosht  Ingredients Serves 4–6 4 tbsp sunflower or rapeseed oil 2 large onions, sliced 5cm…

  • Right On Time Carbohydrate

    Right On Time Carbohydrate

    24th August 2017

    Carbohydrate is your body’s 5-star fuel and is absolutely essential for maximising performance short and long term. With all the research over several decades on carbohydrate and endurance performance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing new to learn.…

  • 13 Foods That Will Make You Faster

    13 Foods That Will Make You Faster

    19th July 2017

    Performance ingredients can speed up oxygen distribution, muscle development, recovery times, sprint power, energy creation and even decision-making. The key to tapping into this record-busting larder is to know which foods really will make you faster. Beetroot The evidence keeps…