What to eat

  • Red meat, green light?

    Red meat, green light?

    13th June 2016

    A study published in Network Health shows how three out of five endurance and female athletes are iron depleted and a third are at risk of iron deficiency. The research examines how the body uses iron and how deficiency can erode…

  • Carbohydrate: loads of advice!

    Carbohydrate: loads of advice!

    13th June 2016

    If you’re serious about performing well for a big event, your pre-race carbohydrate nutrition is vital. But as Andrew Hamilton explains, carbohydrate loading to keep your muscle stores topped up is something you need to think about day in, day…

  • 24-Hour Food

    24-Hour Food

    13th June 2016

    Beer, baby food and choc chip cookies – welcome to the crazy fuelling sources of the day-night marathon runners.  Ask a dozen different runners what they’d eat over a 24-hour event and you’d get a dozen different answers for sure.…

  • Marathon prep: What to eat beforehand

    Marathon prep: What to eat beforehand

    15th April 2016

    Sports nutritionist Charlotte Kennedy details some useful fuel strategies to consider when preparing for a marathon Carbohydrate intake “Everyone knows of the importance of carbohydrates for energy and therefore in the week before your marathon you will want to increase…

  • 15 Ways to eat like a pro cyclist

    15 Ways to eat like a pro cyclist

    8th April 2016

    As chef of Team Tinkoff-Saxo, Hannah Grant knows how to fuel world-class cyclists, like Peter Sagan and Alberto Contador. Here she reveals what you can learn from her culinary philosophy. Food is more than just fuel “Food for athletes can be very inspiring…

  • Recovery Snack

    Recovery Snack

    23rd February 2016

    Nutrition expert Renee McGregor provides easy to prepare performance boosting food and drink recipes and tips. (Food and drink that you can prepare yourself… and yes, very easily!) What you eat and drink after a workout/race is very important in terms of boosting…

  • Adapting your nutrition to increases in workload

    Adapting your nutrition to increases in workload

    1st February 2016

    When your exercise workload starts to increase, it is important that you recognise the demands that this will place on your body. Your training increase may be in preparation for an event or race or could be just because you…

  • Dining back from disaster

    Dining back from disaster

    26th January 2016

    Eating wisely could accelerate recovery from injury. Smart nutrition could speed your return from injury, according to a new study. The research, published in the journal Sports Medicine, warns nutrient deficiencies could impair the healing process. “Deficiencies of energy, vitamins, minerals and macronutrients – particularly…

  • Vitamin D: Frequently Asked Questions

    Vitamin D: Frequently Asked Questions

    8th January 2016

    If you regularly engage in physical activity it’s important to take care of your body with the right nutrition. As well as increasing our wellbeing and energy levels, vitamins and minerals have the ability to help protect against injury and…

  • Superfood: Moringa

    Superfood: Moringa

    15th December 2015

    Described as the most nutrient-rich food yet discovered, but we bet you’ve not heard of Moringa. Moringa Oleifera – also known as the Horseradish tree, Mulangay, Benzolive and Drumstick tree – has actually been used as food and medicine for centuries and by many cultures.…