Airbnb has launched a brand new platform that allows people to experience an area with the help of the people who live there

Travel has changed enormously in the last few years thanks to Airbnb which has made finding a last minute room as easy as a few clicks.

Now the company has launched its latest game changer.

From now on, it will not only help people book a place to stay but it will help them to power their whole trip. With the new Airbnb Trips it has added the world’s biggest list of unique experiences that are all hosted by local people.

Currently available in 12 cities worldwide, including London, the experiences cover just about everything, whether it’s being taken on the best local hiking or running routes or even finding the best craft beer bars or music venues.airbnb

This new tourism innovation means that it’s not just those with property who can offer their services on the platform, it’s open to those who have an interest in people and a passion worth sharing with others.

For instance, those heading to California and wanting to do as the Californians do can try Quinn, he’s a local surfer who professes to know all of the “off the beaten track” surf spots near Los Angeles. He offers a two-day course involving bonfires and beers in-between enjoying some of LA’s best breaks.

Or there’s the Elite Runner experience, shared by Willy in Nairobi. A former pro runner, Willy now introduces rookies and professionals alike to the long distance running community of Iten where some of Kenya’s greatest athletes have trained.

While Willy’s course is a fully immersive three-days, the experiences can be as short as an evening – it all depends on what kind of activity you’re looking for.

And the list of them is growing fast, with more people like Willy and Quinn wanting to share their unique experiences.

In turn, so is the potential to make a break away from the tourist trail and to really unlock an area.

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